Shurikenjutsu 手裏剣術

Shurikenjutsu is the art of targeting and throwing bladed weapons. The most common shuriken used are bo (spike, with one or two impact points) and senban or hira (flat, multi-pointed) blades. There are also techniques for propelling larger weapons, such as the short and long swords.

This skill is used for a variety of purposes. By targeting the weak or exposed points on the human body, the practitioner can deploy ranged attacks in order to distract the enemy long enough for a decisive follow-up attack. Shuriken are also used as a tool for harassment, impeding an adversary’s actions.

As an adjunct to the study of thrown blades, the practitioner begins the study of propelling metsubushi (eye blinders) at an opponent. Historically, metsubushi primarily consisted of special powders that were thrown at an opponent in order to obscure their vision. Metsubushi, as taught at the Jigoku Dojo, is studied and employed with a variety of historical and modern substances. In reality almost anything can be pressed into service as metsubushi.

As the students’ experience in shurikenjutsu increases, the awareness that any hand-held object can be pressed into service as shuriken becomes apparent. Learning to properly sight and launch these weapons assists the student’s integration of subtle physical movements, distance awareness, and mental perception.